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The Superwoman Syndrome

Accoutred in smart formals, I strode into my cabin, all magnificent, Pride permeating, betraying every nucleus, Beautiful, slender and lithe, How was I to ever know, That this superwoman thing is a true-blue myth? . The home, over time, evoked a dreary ennui, While wrangling frontline, in the arena of fealties, With the elementary pleasures… Continue reading The Superwoman Syndrome

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My Take on Twinkle Khanna’s Mother’s Day Video

Twinkle Khanna, widely known for her blunt, satirical articulation and sassy punchlines, often never desists from calling a spade a spade. This article is with reference to a recent video posted out by her on Mother’s Day where she captioned the video as: “What mother’s really want for Mother’s Day but can’t tell their kids.… Continue reading My Take on Twinkle Khanna’s Mother’s Day Video

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A Promise Of Faith

(Forceful religious conversions, making a spouse give up their personal faith in inter-religious marriages, is one of the very poignant issues, prevalent across our society since ages, which is what inspired me to come up with this fiction.) It was 5 pm. As the rickshaw took through the traffic jammed roads and briefly halted by… Continue reading A Promise Of Faith

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Menstruation Taboos – The Current Sensation

Reading so many articles on the supposedly most taboo subject “PERIODS”, evokes certain thoughts. There was an era when certain things were staunchly followed during menstruation and they were: (1) Female folks of the home were told to stay separate (2) Instructed not to touch anything or anyone (3) Even given leftovers to eat (including… Continue reading Menstruation Taboos – The Current Sensation

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Priceless Solitary Ice-Cream Dates (Poem)

(Below is a non-fiction, for at some period of life, I truly loved my daily Ice-cream rendezvous, on my way home, back from work. And today when I got an unforseen chance to revisit that moment it was fun. This also made me realise that as life progresses, we give up so many simple pleasures… Continue reading Priceless Solitary Ice-Cream Dates (Poem)

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Insane drudgery…(Short story)

Waking up at four in the morning, Bharti would kick-start her day by making tea for everyone, followed with break-fast and lunch. She would then cook and pack the tiffin-boxes for her husband, Ashmit and her two children (Alia aged 7 and Rahul aged 10) closing with the last one for herself. Once done, she… Continue reading Insane drudgery…(Short story)

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Bollywood movie review – ‘MOM’ (2017)

It was only now that I could garner an opportunity to watch the late Ms. Sridevi starrer 'Mom' and this review comes in the wake of the hard-hitting impact it had on me and maybe many others too!!! At the outset, the movie is based on the various gang-rape events, something that is prevalent all… Continue reading Bollywood movie review – ‘MOM’ (2017)

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Short story – The Acceptance

Amisha pondered over Rajat's words 'They are OK with it. In fact mom was suggesting that we put up curtains in the bedroom of our new home-to-be for better privacy.' The words uttered though brief, held an air of aloof hauteur about them, she could not understand why. Instead of expressing any happiness, his tone… Continue reading Short story – The Acceptance

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Short Story – ‘Tu meri beti nahi beta hai (you are not my daughter, but a son’)….

  'Tu meri beti nahi beta hai' (You are not my daughter, rather you are my son), her father's words resounded in Uttara's ears. Living in a patriarchal society, Uttara had felt proud whenever Kishan and Radha used to say this to her, as if she had won a Nobel prize. Contrary to that, she… Continue reading Short Story – ‘Tu meri beti nahi beta hai (you are not my daughter, but a son’)….