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Little memories…huge bliss

Post hectic work schedules and non-stop meetings, as I sit back in my cubicle, badly in need of a breather, my hands absent mindedly click away on the laptop, going about the familiar work flows, under the instructions of my brain. But hey!!! Where's the mind? Well, It's kind of lost at the moment, pre-occupied… Continue reading Little memories…huge bliss

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My First Day of Guilt!!!

After a year long work break, my first day in a new office, commenced today. Having joined as a Senior Finance Manager, my boss, a senior person and professional, seemed very happy to have me as a part of his core team since the idea that  I would offload him, besides the value addition  aiding… Continue reading My First Day of Guilt!!!

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When people intimidate your goals & happiness…

At times difficult situations crop-up in life where you are surrounded by people who could inevitably disorient you from the goal-path on which you had originally set out…especially certain personalities who tend to be stronger, influential and overbearing, never giving up an opportunity to sway their 'authority' or cease trying to influence your ways to… Continue reading When people intimidate your goals & happiness…