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Two Rivers…

River 1: I hope we meet someday…somewhere…but god knows when and where!!! River 2: Yes… united we started, grew together and darted out of the valleys and hillocks, seeking open seas but what’s this separation in between? Unfathomable! River 1: It was done for the benefit of the people, provide drinking water for the masses,… Continue reading Two Rivers…

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We Defy…We Follow (#A Father’s Day Blog)

“See, I got a cup. You've got so many cups na? Now, I got mine”, declared my 6 year old daughter solemnly, with a serious demeanour, holding up the memento she’d received, emphatically challenging her dad. Recently she was also awarded a 'Star of the Week' certificate in her school, as an overall best performer… Continue reading We Defy…We Follow (#A Father’s Day Blog)


What Is Yours Will Find You (#100WordStory)

With mindless flicks, her brushes incessantly painted a blue door that stood amidst virgin white walls. Blue…the colour of sea…signifying trust, loyalty, commitment, intelligence, tranquillity, all of which she'd kept seeking after her better-half left a childless her, for another marraige. Her journey had been a lonely despair thereafter. Then one day, her step-son returned,… Continue reading What Is Yours Will Find You (#100WordStory)