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Two Rivers…

River 1: I hope we meet someday…somewhere…but god knows when and where!!! River 2: Yes… united we started, grew together and darted out of the valleys and hillocks, seeking open seas but what’s this separation in between? Unfathomable! River 1: It was done for the benefit of the people, provide drinking water for the masses,… Continue reading Two Rivers…

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We Defy…We Follow (#A Father’s Day Blog)

“See, I got a cup. You've got so many cups na? Now, I got mine”, declared my 6 year old daughter solemnly, with a serious demeanour, holding up the memento she’d received, emphatically challenging her dad. Recently she was also awarded a 'Star of the Week' certificate in her school, as an overall best performer… Continue reading We Defy…We Follow (#A Father’s Day Blog)


What Is Yours Will Find You (#100WordStory)

With mindless flicks, her brushes incessantly painted a blue door that stood amidst virgin white walls. Blue…the colour of sea…signifying trust, loyalty, commitment, intelligence, tranquillity, all of which she'd kept seeking after her better-half left a childless her, for another marraige. Her journey had been a lonely despair thereafter. Then one day, her step-son returned,… Continue reading What Is Yours Will Find You (#100WordStory)

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The Unexpected Surprise (#Short Story)

She went about her regular chores with unusual quietness. It was her birthday but the day held nothing special. Who would bother about birthdays of an insignificant person as she?   “Come back. We’ve some guests in the evening. I need your help.”, Memsahib addressed. She nodded sombrely. Memsahib usually paid for these extra works,… Continue reading The Unexpected Surprise (#Short Story)