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Menstruation Taboos – The Current Sensation

Reading so many articles on the supposedly most taboo subject “PERIODS”, evokes certain thoughts. There was an era when certain things were staunchly followed during menstruation and they were: (1) Female folks of the home were told to stay separate (2) Instructed not to touch anything or anyone (3) Even given leftovers to eat (including… Continue reading Menstruation Taboos – The Current Sensation

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Karma Laughs – Part 1

Father and son were at it again. Disagreements, loud altercations and cold wars over the same issue. Day by day, Raghav was getting more and more frustrated at Nitish’s incomprehension. “Why can’t I pursue a career of my choice Pappa? If my friends’ fathers can support them, why can’t you?”, argued a 16-year-old Nitish in… Continue reading Karma Laughs – Part 1

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The Inevitable

Life commences among strange people, so what if they are your own family, kith and kin? Then relations ignite feelings of love, affection, sense of belonging and togetherness in our hearts. We grow up soaking in these emotions. And when the same people depart from our lives, an irreplaceable void remains, causing pain, making release… Continue reading The Inevitable

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Affinity And Moods – Top Blogger on Momspresso

Glad to mention that Affinity And Moods has been featured among the 1st set of Top Bloggers of the year 2019 on MOMSPRESSO. The winning post here is Priceless Solitary Ice-cream Dates It's certainly been a great start. Many more to come. - Hopes and Prayers  Below is the link to the post. https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FMomspresso%2Fposts%2F2333246746694990&width=500The

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Sometimes I feel… (Poem)

Sometimes I feel like taking on the world by storm, Dart ahead, achieve my dreams, shine, tearing all the norms Imagine myself alone, rip every boundary, without an ounce of care, Sans dubiety, keep going places, for that's how my career should fare, Sometimes I wish life just went by, with not any bother around,… Continue reading Sometimes I feel… (Poem)

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To New Beginnings… (#100WordStory)

Her luggage was ready. Initially sceptical and reluctant, her parents had ultimately conferred their blessings. Fed up, she had broken up with her boyfriend who fiercely disagreed with her aspirations. She had anyway sensed compatibility issues. In a few hours, she’d be on board, flying to Canada to pursue MS, her dream ticket finally realized.… Continue reading To New Beginnings… (#100WordStory)

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The Beginning…(#100WordStory)

Daughter of superstar parents, her films were a spectacular flop. Her acting career failing miserably, she was often mocked for her poor acting skills. Nevertheless, accepting that she was not cut out for it, she moved on to marry a most popular co-star, today one of the richest men in the industry. But did failures… Continue reading The Beginning…(#100WordStory)

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Partnerships and Celebrations…

Just recently, someone close visiting us, casually happened to ask, if we had any plans to celebrate my hubby's upcoming birthday, to which hubby was quick to respond that it'd just be like any normal day. We all seemed to unanimously agree. But on an afterthought, I found myself slightly disagreeing over a question, that… Continue reading Partnerships and Celebrations…