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My First Day of Guilt!!!

After a year long work break, my first day in a new office, commenced today. Having joined as a Senior Finance Manager, my boss, a senior person and professional, seemed very happy to have me as a part of his core team since the idea that  I would offload him, besides the value addition  aiding… Continue reading My First Day of Guilt!!!

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The Dilemma of Addressing our Mother Goddess Kaali…

Children often get into the habit of affixing a relation such as Aunty, Uncle etc., behind the name of every adult they encounter...or, in the Indian culture, so do we lead them to do that, in the process of training them to address everyone respectfully.. Yesterday night, when all three of us i.e. hubby, me… Continue reading The Dilemma of Addressing our Mother Goddess Kaali…

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The Conditioning…Being ‘Good / Bad’ vs Being ‘Right / Wrong’

I am not truly aware if this prevails in other parts of the world, but there's a way with the traditional Indian community where children, especially girls, are conditioned to be good right since childhood. Same goes for our daughter-in-laws too - now it follows that a girl naturally progresses to be a daughter-in-law in… Continue reading The Conditioning…Being ‘Good / Bad’ vs Being ‘Right / Wrong’